Bulzī Media has revolutionized the hotel industry with the first hyper-targeted, fully programmatic ad monetization solution

360° Hotel Advertising

Bulzī delivers programmatic advertising to the hotel market, serving premium video and display ads to in-room TVs and tablets, and on-premise mobile devices and digital signs. Our hotel advertising network enables advertisers to harness premium ad units at scale using advanced targeting, while supporting programmatic delivery and integrated attribution services. Our turnkey advertising solution provides network operators superior monetization using purpose-built world-class technology.


consumer-addressable, digital-compatible hotel advertising

Consumer Intelligence

High-value advertising requires superior consumer intelligence. It must be consumer-centric, support omni-channel marketing, provide for online-to-offline attribution, and be privacy compliant. Bulzī has been a pioneer in leveraging mobile data for out-of-home advertising networks and now has one of the most comprehensive privacy-safe databases which includes 475 million mobile devices and the consumers that carry them.


The future of advertising is programmatic and at Bulzī the future is here now. Our center point of consumer intelligence is the mobile device, which is used to connect mainstream ad targeting keys across all digital channels: mobile app, mobile web, desktop, addressable TV, connected TV, and digital out-of-home.

Real Time Bidding

Bulzī has developed the industry’s first RTB solution for out-of-home advertising networks, which allows our platform to access fully automated ad auctions to sell ads and maintain near 100% fill rates. Direct-sold campaigns booked through private marketplaces or manual insertion orders are also used to maximum network yield.


ad monetization for hospitality networks

In-Room TV

In-room TV networks can monetize the guest stay by placing ads in the welcome channel, program guide, or other areas of the user interface as appropriate. Full screen ad insertions into content channels are also supported on the Bulzī platform. Contact a Bulzī representative to learn more.

In-Room Tablet

Operators of in-room tablet networks can generate additional revenues by incorporating ads into the user interface. The Bulzī platform supercharges the value of these digital-like ads by including consumer targeting data in the bid requests, turning a “blind end point” into intelligent advertising. Contact a Bulzī representative to learn more.

On-Premise Mobile

High Speed Internet operators can leverage the Bulzī platform to generate new ad revenues during guest WiFi login with minimal impact on the guest experience. Our unique technology allows Bulzī to leverage Real-Time Bidding (RTB) markets to ensure near 100% fill rates. Contact a Bulzī representative to learn more.

On-Premise Digital Signage

Common-area Digital Signage networks can leverage the Bulzī platform to access programmatic Digital advertising markets, including Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Bulzī’s unique, patented technology measures the screen audience continuously and matches the most relevant ads in real time. Contact a Bulzī representative to learn more.


access premium inventory on the largest hotel network

Consumer-Centric Targeting and Measurement

Bulzī gives digital advertisers and agencies the ability to buy digital Out of Home (OOH) media alongside television, mobile, and online media in cross-channel campaigns. Our proprietary solution includes real-time audience measurement and a full technology stack that connects IAB-compliant digital OOH ad inventory to automated Digital demand-side markets for sale.

Integrated consumer data and continuous direct measurements give our network real-time insights into consumers exposed to in-room hotel TVs and on-premise digital signs based on the mobile phone that they are carrying. Ads served on the Bulzī network can be hyper-targeted based on consumer-addressable data which is mapped from our privacy-safe mobile database of 475 million devices.

Contact a Bulzī representative to learn more.


frequently asked questions


What types of ads will be sold and delivered onto my network?
Programmatic markets tend to be serviced by mainstream national advertisers. Bulzī sources both video and display (graphic) ad supply. We can also set filters to limit certain categories from being served (such as competing Hotel ads).
How much revenue can I expect to generate?
Revenues are related to the number and quality of ads served. Video ads are typically 5-10 times higher value than display ads. Your Bulzī representative will work with you to balance revenue potential and guest experience.
How does Bulzī maximize revenue production?
Our system uses advanced audience targeting technologies to increase the value of the ads offered to the ad exchanges and programmatic buyers. Our sophisticated tiering algorithms ensure ad opportunities are monetized at the highest rates. This combination of high value ads and minimal unsold inventory ensures maximum network revenue.
What about privacy compliance?
Bulzī has designed privacy compliance from the ground up, and is compliant with mainstream privacy guidelines and regulations including GDPR and NAI.


How does Bulzī maximize campaign efficiency?
Bulzī leverages state-of-the-art ad targeting technology to deliver your campaigns with minimal waste. Our inventory is tagged with the real-time attributes of the consumer exposed, just like on Digital networks… even though these ads are being presented on screens that are not owned by the consumer. We do this by sensing the mobile device in proximity and adding the targeting data from their device to the ad request generated by the hotel TV or digital sign.
What ad targeting keys are available?
Our device graph includes mobile ad IDs, addressable household-level attributes, and household IP addresses... providing cross-channel compatibility with mobile app, mobile web, desktop, email, addressable TV and connected TV ad campaigns. Our privacy-complaint database of 475 million US mobile devices allows Bulzī to support retargeting on all of these channels plus direct mail as well.
Can you target based on my CRM audience?
Yes. We have the ability to ingest your CRM data and generate an audience for campaign targeting as well as off-network retargeting. Your Bulzī representative can work with you on the details.


Contact a Bulzī representative to learn more.
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